About us


We are one of Jersey’s oldest farming families having played a part in shaping our farming history since the early 1500s. This heritage is deeply ingrained in us and makes us all the more determined to find new ways to drive this legacy forward to the next generation. With farming incomes under ever increasing pressure this strong desire not to merely survive but to thrive has resulted in us creating our own brand of Jersey Royals, which are very popular in Jersey and we are delighted to introduce “Richardson’s Jersey Royals” to a wider audience.

In 2015 we decided to attempt to totally change how Jersey Royals were sold in local supermarkets on the island. Our mission was to further expand the concept of hand picked Jersey Royals in small paper bags previously only available from roadside stalls in Jersey. Needless to say we succeeded and so we have further developed systems that are totally unique in the potato industry and our Jersey Royals are now the most popular island wide.

Our unique system hand picks and gently packs within the field, ensuring that the potatoes retain as much of their delicate skins as possible in order to fully capture the famous Jersey Royal flavour.

We have further developed a system of applying liquid seaweed at planting which we have seen contribute to soil health as well as to the flavour and texture of our Royals.

Employing first class husbandry, close attention to lifting dates, hand picking and gentle packing into our “freshness retaining” unique packaging, every aspect of Richardson’s Jersey Royals from field to fork delivers the very best Jersey Royals possible.

We know you’ll enjoy them.

Bio Algeen


Bio Algeen S90 plus 2 is a highly developed liquid seaweed product produced by Schulze & Hermsen in Germany. We are not only very impressed with the effect it is having on yield and quality but also the very beneficial effect it is having on the soil, with noticeable increased earthworm and soil microbiological activity.

We’ve noticed that the use of Bio Algeen contributes  to the efficient uptake and use of nutrients, the growing crop is more robust and more resistant to pests and diseases.

At a time when soil health is becoming a concern in certain parts of the UK due to the farming systems used over many years, Jersey farmers, due to the unique methods used, particularly in the production of the Jersey Royal are well aware of the need to look after the soil. As Jersey farmers, we have seen that any deviation from the advice of our forefathers in “looking after the land” can be very costly financially. Therefore, it is deeply ingrained in us to continually strive to improve the land for the benefit of the next generation.

Over centuries our forefathers used seaweed to enrich the land and understood the many benefits it delivers.

It is very encouraging that as 21st century farmers, thanks to modern technology, we are following in their footsteps in using seaweed as part of our strategy to ensure we have healthy productive soil for the next generation.