Richardson’s Jersey Royals 600g, 750g, 1kg.

Packed in “Richardson’s” 600mm x 400mm x 105mm cardboard trays.

Free to use “Richardson’s” display units designed to maintain product quality, make restocking easy and maximise sales.

The display units are designed to accept our 600 x 400 trays and ensure maximum protection from light. The angle of the trays helps the bags protect each other while still offering the consumer easy access to assess the product before purchase.

This final aspect of our system further compliments the fact that the potatoes are hand picked and gently packed within minutes in the field. The system holds the freshness and ensures that the potatoes retain as much of their delicate skins as possible in order to fully capture the famous Jersey Royal flavour. Heat sealing the bags ensures the freshness is sealed in!

All of our crops have been grown with the assistance of liquid seaweed and this is very beneficial not only to the soil but to the flavour and texture of our Royals.

Grown to LEAF Marque standard